Reduce labor & operational costs
Ensure temperatures are in compliance with HACCP safety standards
Reduce food waste
Save on electricity bills
24/7 Monitoring
Wireless & easy to install

Our Solution

What we measure

Ensure temperature compliance with HACCP and avoid throwing food away with the help of our wireless IoT solution.

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  • Water Leaks

    Be notified of water leaks! Avoid costly maintenance and downtime.

  • Temperature

    Ensure meeting temperature regulations by keeping track of your fridge and freezers.

  • Door Switch

    Receive instant notifications when a fridge or freezer door has been left open.

& Control

Receive measurements
Configure devices
Control actuators, valves and pumps

& Visualize

Current & historical data
Site map with sensor location
Alarm conditions & states

& Report

Email & text notifications
Scheduled & on demand reports

& Integrate

Data & report storage
Short & long-term storing
Exportable to 3rd party systems